Welcome to Rent-A-Brick. Imagine having a giant toy chest full of bricks. That’s what Rent-A-Bricks is all about. You choose the set you want to build, you pick it up or have it delivered to your house*, and then you play with the set for 10 days and return it.

It's that fun and simple. 

Rent-A-Brick is owned and operated by Gavin Gariepy. Gavin is 10 years old and this is his first business. He decided to start the business to make brick sets more affordable and available to other kids and families. Bricks can be expensive, especially the larger and more challenging sets, and not everyone has room in their home to play with and display their creation.  Through Rent-A-Brick you can rent and play with some of the coolest sets. 

"I want as many kids and families to be able to enjoy building brick sets." - Gavin Gariepy